The Packaging of PDX

Here at Mothership, travelling is one of our favourite ways to get inspired. As I bounce around on the flight back from Portland, I’m reminded why this city is such a favourite. It’s just got its own thing. It has a flavour and personality and stuff that is totally unique to Portland, and it hasn’t been packaged and distributed to a mall near you.

I won’t write a travel blog – the Rose City is well covered there. But I really saw the Portland vibe captured in its packaging – from flavoured sea salt to artisanal chocolate bars to local wine, juices and ice cream to Nike shoeboxes…(ok, those have been distributed to a mall near you). So much of their packaging has been designed and produced with thought and care towards the product and its customer. The aesthetic, the descriptions, the feel, functionality and sustainability.  Check, check, check, check and check. 

The result is that I loved shopping (not usually my thing!) and checking out new things I wouldn’t ordinarily pull off a shelf, much less buy. Yet here I am, returning with truffle salt, four chocolate bars, and an assortment of other local keepsakes that remind me of a city that spends time crafting its crafts and wrapping them with love.