Game-changing by Angel City FC

Angel City FC unveiled their team crest this week and they crushed it.

The new National Women’s Soccer Team knows what they’re doing and they are well on their way to changing the game in pro sport. It started with their ownership group: a diverse, purpose-driven roster of celebrities and leaders including Natalie Portman, Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, Billie Jean King, P.K. Subban, numerous A-list Hollywood actors, and US soccer legends Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Abby Wambach and Cobi Jones.

For the crest, local 27-year-old designer Amedea Tassinari did her homework, finding the right balance between the great tradition of team iconography and design and the opportunity to break the mold and innovate. Which is exactly what this team is about.


  • First of all, their name kicks ass. Angel City FC. A brilliant combination of the city’s cool nickname with a classic soccer team convention. Arsenal FC. FC Bayern Munich. FC Barcelona. Juventus FC. Angel City FC.
  • Their angel icon could’ve been a trainwreck. And we’re not fans of trying to add too many layers of meaning into one logo (especially when most people will never hear the backstory). But Tatssinari developed a strong, unique angel with symbolism that connects to the sport and its players, local natural icons, and the club’s powerful origin story and values.
  • The palette is also unusual, attractive and thoughtful while inviting another soccer tradition of being nicknamed after team colours. (Italy’s “Azzuri” and Brazil’s “Verde-Amarela”.) But no overused sport franchise colours here. Asphalt (dark grey) puts a modern twist on black and brings some edge by tying into one of LA’s mainstay urban materials. Armour (light grey) suggests team preparation and battle. And “sol rosa” (orange-pink) represents classic LA sunsets in the language of the city’s Hispanic community and history.
  • If there is one thing to get right in a brand identity, we think it’s the logotype. Here, Angel City FC draws from the city’s art deco history with a clean, modern type that is so sweet, we want the Tshirt without even knowing their players yet. Bonus, it will still look sweet in 100 years if LA’s art deco architecture is any indication.
Well frickin’ done, Angel City FC. We haven’t been this excited to follow a new team since our kids started playing team sports. And we can’t wait for our kids to watch you and grow up in an age where pro athletes and sports teams represent all of us.

Follow the team here.